Saturday, May 9, 2009

Three cherry pies

Imagine a simpler time when people actually had open windows. When that kitchen window had a ledge on it and it was a dandy place to let the pie cool. It's a charming picture, one I want you to take a closer look at. My understanding of that picture begins with a huge snow blower. My father lived a block down the street, in our small Midwestern town. We kept the huge monster walk behind snow blower there. I suspect it was there so that dad would get his driveway blown first. That monster snow blower could blow snow over the street to the other side of the street.
It was kinda fun. But almost impossible to turn around.. So rather than fight the machine it was easier for me to blow out dad's house by just going around his block twice, then cross the street to my block and go around my block twice also.. The neighbors loved it. Julia lived across the street from me. Julia would wave me over to her side walk as I did my block. So sure I'd cross the street and once again go around that block twice. I'd get done with the blowing and the phone would have been ringing or would ring. People would want to pay me for my efforts. Well there was a problem with that. I knew that most of my neighbors were on fixed incomes. I hadn't done this to get paid. Julia had a problem with accepting my gift. So, about this time of the year Julia would call she'd just say come over and get your pie. Now, Julia's pies had an economic impact on many a church bizarre. They were works of art. Julia also spread the word around. He works for pie, cookies or sometimes cake. He Loves tomatoes. When I first met Julia she often had three pies in the kitchen window. Art her husband installed air conditioning, gone were the pies in the window. Julia adapted. I still remember those pies in the window but I can look at that picture from both sides, now. From the kitchen side those pies are Julia's way of paying others for their labors, from her excess apples, cherries or rhubarb and her talents. From the outside of the window, they are products offered in payment or seeking a customer...Those MBA's out there would call that a cottage industry. What could be more American than Apple Pie. These tough times have much to teach us. Could the answers to them be three pies in the window...I didn't tell Julia, because I think she knew anyway, but sometimes I work for grins and giggles. That's another blog.. make something Brad

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