Thursday, August 20, 2009

Survival in these trying times

I've been involved in a discussion about pricing our work lately. I really don't like looking for formulas that relate to our artwork. The things we do have more to do with passion and vision than they do with the MBA's approach to business. Those of us in the discussion finally came to the same conclusion, " Long term sustainability has much to do with creating and filling niches in the market place." It's not an accident that I've lead the topic in this direction. I've been looking to a new paradigm, a fresh, innovative, insightful method of doing this art business. I think I've found it in a site called Trend Hunters. com and in a book not yet released. not yet published. This is fairly significant. The whole concept behind hunting for trends is to be ahead of the crowd and be able to capitalize on that advantage. "Exploiting Chaos" by Jeremy Gutshe
proves to be an exciting opportunity to rethink our reactions to the world around us. Check this out today