Tuesday, May 26, 2009

critical mass

Critical Mass is a concept I keep having to explain to crafters that are just beginning their art businesses. On one level it's comparable to the question, How many used cars does a used car dealer have to have to be taken seriously as a used car dealer? That amount of inventory is what I'm calling, critical mass. On another level it's that amount of inventory necessary to create the sales volume that I need to survive and prosper. In other words pay my bills. For a family headed out the drive way, in the family station wagon, for their annual trek across America, called a vacation years ago, it's the every thing's ready, " Has everyone gone to the bathroom?" Then here we go. moment. It's what NASA calls, "all systems ready, proceed with launch."
Thing is it's variable. You'll know when it's happened. There are some ways to calculate it.
Or at least get close to calculating it. That's what I'm blogging about this week. Brad

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