Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tea pot

Still a little more finishing work to do, these photos help show me where the piece needs a little more attention.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listen to this, click

Well unless I suddenly get a video camera and tech up a little you'll never really get to hear the lid of the tea pot snap into position. It's a delightful little noise, brings me an inordinate amount of pleasure. Click It just makes me smile. I wasn't expecting the lid to click. It's been pickled again, the lugs are done and ready to be silver soldered on. Then comes some more finishing.
The interior is going to be tumble finished. At least that's my thinking at the moment. No patina, think I'll polish it.. later click! he he

Saturday, January 9, 2010

get a handle on it!

The teapot is coming along nicely. The concept has changed, evolved, a little with the working of the metal. It's roughly the size of a large grapefruit, The body of the form is raised, hammer texture. It has a lid! Which means it has a lip to fit the lid. There's a knob on the lid for removing the lid. The lid snaps into position, I couldn't be prouder. I'm easily amused. It has a forged handle. Bit of whimsy and a bit of function combined. The fold formed spout is assembled but not attached as of yet. Here comes a fun part, something I hadn't expected to do.
Teapots frequently have two handles. One handle for pouring and another handle for lifting. The handle for lifting goes on the top, the pouring one on the side. Well that lifting handle can get hot.. in other words it needs to be a form that will have enough structure to function as well as have the ability to dissipate heat. This caused a bit of pondering here at the bench. The solution has required learning something new. for me. Viking knit solves the problem. Of course this has meant building a few more parts than I had at first considered. Photos soon as I get it together. I do have a handle on it.