Wednesday, May 20, 2009

clearly there's an easier way

Clearly there's an easier way to get a bust to display a necklace on than ordering one just like everyone else's. Here are a couple of ideas. Glass slumping has possibilities. The process involves using a kiln to heat sheets of glass, at carefully controlled temperatures, over metal or ceramic forms. The glass is draped over the form and slumps or melts over the form. Might make wonderful display items. There is a less involved, though very similar process that can be used with Plexiglas. The temperatures involved are in the 400% range as opposed to the 1450 required for glass. Plexi is also available in colors and varying thicknesses. This process can be done in an ordinary kitchen oven. Be sure to have plenty of ventilation. Heat guns also get hot enough to distort plastic sheet stock. Hot plastics are also formed using vacuum tables. Basically if you can create the form you desire in wood, you can from plastics over it. That 'll get your cretive juices going. Have fun. Brad

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