Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Can Do It!

It just wouldn't be right if I didn't include the most famous "Do It" person, the American icon, Rosie The Riveter in a series about "doing it" The painting by Norman Rockwell is now the property of Walmart  and hangs in their gallery in Benton-ville Arkansas. I did almost forget to include her. I was joking with a friend yesterday, she by the way has a striking resemblance to Rosie, about never being able to find a screw driver. Though I know for a fact I haven't made all of them into chasing and repousee tools. I must confess I really don't use screw drivers very often, It all goes back to Rosie!  Rosie the famous riveter needed holes to put rivets in. The tool of choice was a hand held power drill. One of the other things you could do with this drill was to put a screw driver bit into it and have a powered screw driver! Rosie's of the day were known to take their drills home with them to use for home fix it jobs. A market for power tools for the home owner was discovered. The maker of those drills was Black and Decker, amazing. When I was a kid I learned about the power drill. Today my power drill is battery operated and I have fifty screwdriver-bits to fit almost every situation.  Thanks Rosie, for bringing the tools home. If you are a lady-smith consider Rosie as a roll-model. A can do it American girl.


  1. Rosie is my hero. And several other uppity wimmin :)

  2. I have this poster in my studio! I love what it represents especially since my Mom was a "Rosie, the Riveter" during WWII at one of the airplane plants here in San Diego. One picture says it all! Thanks for posting it. Judith Moore