Friday, September 2, 2011

Sometimes I Do It For Grins and Giggles

     Look I'm going to be honest with you. I've worked for free. I've worked for 85 cents an hour. I've worked for apple pie!  I've worked for exposure and I've worked to keep warm. I've watched other people work, I kind of enjoy doing that. I was very lucky during my college years to be able to watch two guys work.. The first was Jon Coiner, potter. the second Don Mattingly, painter. Ok so their real job title would have been professor, They would like my descriptions. Both became good friends of mine. They did not know each other, they taught at different schools hundreds of miles apart. Do you remember "Winnie the Poo " Christopher Robin and ti-double- gr-r, Tigger, too? These guys were Tiggers. They didn't just walk places, they bounced! If you watched them go through the snow drifts you would see them bounce above the drifts every couple of steps. They would hit the front door of the building whistling, and bounce up three flights of steps. They were infectious. Both confided in me that they did their teaching jobs for "Grins and Giggles"  That phrase stuck with me, kind of had special meaning.
     So when the Superintendent of Schools came to me and said. "For "grins and giggles" I'd like you to do a lecture for the Social Studies Classes.." I knew it was time to get my bounce on. There were five social studies teachers. Every kid in the high school was taking social studies, they couldn't escape it. That school used a large group- small group system. What this really meant was I was going to give a one hour presentation to 150 kids then turn around and do the same thing over again to a different group of 150 kids, five minutes later. Ok It's American Art History time in 60 minutes. It wasn't just me,,it was me four slide projectors, A film strip, two super eight short films, one segment from a movie, background music, remote controls all over the place, five screens, a motorcycle, and me. Hell it was choreographed! 
Beads for which
I was paid
in grins
 and giggles.
A piece titled "Inside Herself"
Around here we know her as "Pretty Full of Herself"
    So why am I telling you this? Because a rather unusual thing happened, twice on the same day! Students applauded!   Gee I guess I've worked for applause, then? Not my goal but nice any way. That presentation was done for grins and giggles. What if?
     Ya I know you make jewelry. In fact you're good at it. What if you made some of it for grins and giggles?

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