Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Doing It "Advantage"

 aluminum fold formed pendant concept.
 Copper Fold formed boats. upside down ear ring design
 Became a pair of Fold formed copper earrings
 Fold formed coils about the size of a nickle
Unfolding is the best part of fold forming!
One of the Doing It Advantages is that all of the play is my property. I get the benefit of having done it. That benefit is the next ideas and concepts.
     I know you have probably never heard of Union Whiten, Iowa. Let alone Dows, Iowa. If you're not from Iowa you've never heard of March Madness. If you are from Iowa, you know about Girls Basketball, and Cinderella State Basketball Championship Teams. For a good many years the state championship could come down to some little school that was hardly on the map VS one of the large cities. Denise Long was the star of the 1968 Girls Basketball team from Union Whiten. She scored 111 points in that game!  There's a park in Whiten in her honor. Yup,  the park has a basket ball hoop! Why do I mention that now? Because it's about this time of the year, when the nights get a little cooler, that the girls in Iowa would hit the driveway courts, dust off the basketballs and begin practicing!  You couldn't pay people to do that! But you can't stop them either. It's their advantage, and they know it!
     Tomorrow I'll some more things for you to consider. Enjoy

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