Friday, October 29, 2010

Late in November

I t was early in November, as I remember when I was invited to have work in the galleries Christmas show. Don't ya know? I was pleased and excited to be included. I was making my mark on the world I concluded. All be it a small mark, I call it my hallmark, but people would come to review it. If I hurried my works were prejuried. with no preinspection, there's no fear of rejection. So with a smile, I said that I'd do it. You can imagine my composure as I read the disclosure, of the rules. Five works, in my case in copper, in their possession tomorrow, no problem thinks me. The gallery charges a forty percent fee! I regain my composure and consider the exposure. I must pick up the unsold  next year, for sure. Oh happy day, and oh by the way, I'll get my check on Valentines Day! I almost said screw it, but I said that I'd do it.and I am a man of my word .So in my frustration, I bookmarked the occasion, They were in  heaven, when I sent them seven. Oh the things that we do. It's been years ago, but again I'll forgo my membership in this years Christmas show. Oh what the heck I might cash the check. It's from a Gallery. ya know!.

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  1. heehee... I just got a check from the museum a couple days ago. If people only knew...