Friday, October 22, 2010

Drill bit marketing

     If  you go out into the world and attempt to sell drill bits using the traditional approach, you will starve. The traditional, acceptable, method of marketing drill bits is to display them where people can see them and wait until people someone comes along, makes their selection and final purchase. In other words the marketing approach of drill bits is no marketing at all. Even worse are the places that keep their drill bits out of sight and only available to customers with insider information. In other words the educated customer has to ask for a specific item to purchase it. Selling lots of drill bits is about a different kind of thinking than the traditional supply company uses.
    Selling lots of drill bits is more about teaching, counseling and providing solutions to everyday problems. This gets to be kind of fun because almost no one wants to be a salesman. Most people believe they can't sell anything. They are probably right. However these same people can really get into teaching, counseling people and providing solutions to real problems. Go figure. I think the confusion arises from the difference between clerks and sales people.
      The ability to sell a significant quantity of drill bits requires a shift in thinking. Selling drill bits is about holes, all kinds of holes in a variety of different materials. Provide the world with the ability to make clean holes of differing sizes, in a variety of materials, in a clean and efficient manner and you have some thing the world will be very interested in. Holes are necessary. Holes were and are one of the keys to civilization. A wheel isn't a wheel until you can put it on an axle. That action requires a hole! Civilization advances once stones get holes in them and man no longer has to attempt to tie a rock to a handle to make a hammer. The hammer making materials change over the years. The necessity of being able to make holes increases in demand and complexity. This isn't rocket science or brain surgery, though neither rocket scientist or brain surgeon could get very far without holes. Holes are very special things. Necessary, useful and in high demand.
      Do you know there is demand for square holes? There are machines and drill bits that produce them? These square holes are 1/2 of the concept of mortise and tendon joints in wood working. There is also demand for holes in unusual materials, beyond but not excluding wood, plastics and metal. Concrete, stone and glass present their own challenges. Scale also influences hole making  Very large holes require different tools than very small holes. Ice augers can't drill pearls. There is another element to hole making to consider.
Let's consider standardization. Holes can be of variable sizes that's significant. But suppose I desire to have  quantity of holes that are consistent in size. Interchangeable, standardized,  uniform holes are very useful.
     Holes can also be self filling. Imagine a tool that becomes a fastener as well as making it's own hole, The self tapping sheet metal screw is an example.  Holes can be a deep subject, well? Holes can go all the way through things but some would be useless if they did, oil wells. Sorry for the puns.
    Selling a lot of drill bits is about providing people with the ability to make holes where they want them. Empowering the people is a noble thing to be doing.
     Ok So just how is this relating to my selling my stuff?.  First of all don't let your product be represented by clerks. They don't sell many drill bits. They don't know the world needs holes.
Selling drill bits-selling your art work equals figure out what real need your product answers. That's the whole of it

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