Friday, January 21, 2011

Step Away From The Computer, Now!

     My wife frequently gets phone calls from friends experiencing computer issues. Calls range from, Help I think I've just deleted Windows! to How do I move these photos to? Most times she get's called when the friends have reached their frustration level. " Step away from the computer, now." has become kind of a personal joke around here. I've watched her talk people through some pretty complicated stuff, She does this with grace and ease, it's amazing.
     I rely on her for technical support. I'm more into the social networking side of things. Lately I've had several FB friends throw up their hands, pull out their hair and cry on their keyboards. Comments have ranged from "Are any of these friends my friends? Who are these people? Does anyone read this stuff? Why an I smoking more and enjoying it less? The household statement comes to mind, Step away from the computer, now.  Social networking can become addictive
     Here's an analogy. I hated high school. Mostly I hated an educational invention called "Study Hall." Everyone had a one hour study hall every school day. Study hall was sold to the parents as a way for students to work on their homework during the day. It's real function was to solve a scheduling problem caused by over crowed class rooms. To me it was prison. I usually solved the problem by going to the library. My approach worked well for a couple of years. Until one day I discovered I had exhausted the resource material on the things I was interested in. Something wonderful happened my senior year. I got a permanent pass from study hall to the Art Room. I had one hour a day to make stuff, sometimes alone in the art room. All of the years of  (research?) were about to pay off. People liked the stuff I made.

    It's easy to loose hours in a library, most of the time. Research time is valuable. It can not however replace the making stuff time. Step away from the computer, now. Come back show us what you made. We love pictures!  Here's some stuff to enjoy...Go make some!      



  1. great post! I need to get to the studio....

  2. Thank you Thomasin Durgin, I always enjoy your work. I find you on Facebook. I look forward to seeing the things you make.