Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting taller

 This one is going in a different direction, It's going to get taller. It's now about 5" tall and 5" at lip.
6 6/8" tall  still about 5 1/2" lip
7 1/2 " tall,  5 " lip     These pics show the same piece through three courses of raising.  I'm using four different stakes and several raising hammers.  Some thoughts:  This is about the most difficult and time consuming way I could think of to make a funnel. The neck of this form is almost an inch tall now and 3/8" in diameter.  Whoa I've never made copper pipe before. This is teaching me about how far I can push the material. There will be a brief pause while I make a couple of longer stakes. I'm expecting the finished bottle-vase form to exceed 10" in height, have a largest diameter of approx. 3" to have a lip of larger than 3/8" and a foot of less then 2 1/2" The actual foot will be soldered in. This piece started as an eight inch disk of copper. Visions of raised spouts are beginning to occupy my thoughts for other pieces. I'm currently working on a sea urchin bowl, more on that another time.

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