Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please don't celebrate the other guys sorrow.

I'm writing this here because I can. I could have just made a comment on a Facebook post and let go of  my thoughts. Problem is, it probably would have just provoked an argument. I'm not looking for one.  Thomas Kinkade screwed up. He will receive the punishment for his crime. DUI is a serious problem across the country. Alcoholism is a serious problem. Those things are true statements. They aren't why I'm typing. I'm typing because when I originally read the news story the comments were " Awesome, Made my day, best news I've heard today."  And attacks on the artists work.
Thomas Kinkade is known as the painter of light. You have seen his artwork probably more than you realize.
He is a fairly successful contemporary artist painter.
     I can remember back to my college days when I was taught that the works of Norman Rockwell and Currier and Ives weren't art. I can remember that the works of M.C. Escher were frowned upon during their time as being illustration and not art. It doesn't come as a surprise to me when the art world turns it's back on art work the public appreciates.  It took a few year to recover from my education. My mother helped me recover by honestly liking the paintings all of the above.
    I've learned not to put people on pedestals, not to try to build one for myself and not to be all that surprised when artists that I admire screw up. There is nothing awesome or wonderful about the other guys misfortune
People will after all, be people.
    I worked in a prison once on a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It's not an easy place to try to bring some Christmas joy. I'll tell you the hardest part for those kids, inmates. They felt as if they had nothing to give. I had a friend in prison ministries he was very involved in a project called Angle Tree,  (Google it) The project gives inmates an opportunity to give gifts to their children. 
    In so many ways Mr. Kinkade is just one more of the thousands of people that will spend Christmas in prison. I hope he finds something to give, again.


  1. Thank you for this. You are right. We should not wish misfortune on anyone. I can add nothing to this. Thanks for giving all of us a reminder to keep our pride in check. After all, one person is not better than another.... not really...