Friday, December 3, 2010

Gorilla Marketing Tips

     Here's a few gorilla marketing tips for you. This tip is good for some free exposure and perhaps a free lunch!Take a look at your community from the standpoint of how many community service clubs it has.I'm betting your community has a chapter of the Lions, Elks, Rotary, Junior Chamber of Commerce, BPW, Kiwanis, maybe even an Izaak Walton League. The list can be expanded to include Masonic Temples, Shriners,  Red Hatters. Your community has such groups, right?  Here's something to think about, most of these groups meet at least monthly. That means they are looking for this months program or speaker!  That might be an opportunity for you to gain some exposure next year.
    A good many libraries are also looking for next months display or exhibit. Combine that with a speaking opportunity and the publicity they will provide for the event and you have a win win situation.
   Empty store fronts still dot many retail communities. Some of these empty store fronts still have high traffic and great visibility. They might present an opportunity for you to set up a passive display. They might also be an opportunity for you to offer to build such displays for other people. Such places can also be bargain locations for an event, say an invitation show of your work.  At the least these locations present a possible place for some bizarre signage.
    Remember Burma Shave?  These small in the field, along a roadway signs were cheap advertising that captured peoples attention and built brand name recognition.  Works for Wall Drug.

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