Monday, August 29, 2011

Doing it!

If you had to, would you make 100 pair of ear rings in three days?
     Cathy asks: "so then I'll ask you that same question. How do you handle the "making a living "aspect versus staying true to your craft and taking "as long as it takes". I'd like to know because I would love to move in that direction, but unfortunately I MUST sell my jewellery or quit making it. Right now I sell a lot of jewellery- but my customer base (through the stores I'm established in) are in the $100 to $350 range. Can't work weeks on a piece and price it at a retail of $300."
     My response was:
"Cathy no short answers to your question. Ill blog on it next week. Short answers. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Do better work than most of your peers. Do more of it. Invest your money in the things that stand the greatest chance of... showing the highest percentage of return. Buy the tools of your trade. Concentrate on the dollars not the pennies. Making money and making art are not the same thing. making a living is a hell of a lot easier. Own the store. I retired about two months ago. Now my fun can begin."
     I once asked a similar question of a couple that had just moved their retail art supply ceramics business to a new location. The new location would open in another couple of days.  Vic and Mary Ann were my seniors by about ten years. Both had degrees in art. Both were very good. I think I was a senior in college at the time. Their short answer has stuck with me. They were both on ladders painting the store. It was really funny at the time because they answered in unison, "By doing what ever it takes!  
   I know that's another short answer, heck it's almost a cliche. I'm sorry about that. Let me state this a little differently.   Vic and Mary Ann answered in total single minded agreement, with a staggering amount of determination, they would succeed.  (that probably sounds better in four part harmony) Buried within their statement was a passion and a belief or realization that if this current plan didn't work they could and would create a new improved plan.  Most people wash out Right Here. And it's ok.
    I'll blog on this everyday this week, 'cause there are no short answers. Your question deserves a greater answer.

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