Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Happy Day ! ISHPAPT

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     Oh Happy Day  ISHPAPT 
This is a day I’ve been waiting for. This morning my wife announced to me, as we were having our morning coffee on the patio, that the money is in the bank! I am now officially retired! Oh Happy Day!  I shall have pie and ponder this. I’m so excited I may even shave.  There shall be a brief intermission while I go shave. I recommend you have a slice of pie and a cup of coffee. It’s summer ya know there should be pie.
     I decided earlier this year that I would write a daily statement about pie. My daily status on my Facebook page has pretty much done that. While others always mentioned their bacon or posted pictures of their cat, I would write something about my favorite topic pie. Pie is not only something that always pleases me. Pie is also my favorite metaphor. In a small way pie has become my personal meme. Seems almost everyone can relate to pie. What’s fun is pie is a universally pleasant concept. There’s enough stuff to get gloomy about. There enough pressures in a day. There are enough motivational posters on the wall. I began my pie posting with this statement, “This is the first piece of the rest of the pie.” People responded…They liked pie stuff. We could agree we were all seeking a larger slice of an ever shrinking pie.  Now considering the diversity of my friend base on FB getting them to agree on anything is monumental or at least note worthy.
      My friends and I have had lots of fun playing pie games, sending each other cyber pies at times. Calming each other with pie thoughts, (why peach, Thanks for asking) while even suggesting congratulatory pies at appropriate times. Sure there have been birthday pie wishes.
     We’ve had our poetic moments as we considered the sweet aroma of pie wafting from a kitchen.  We concluded we needed to learn to waft.  There were misconceptions associated with pie. The major one being pie are square. We cleared that up, pie are round cake are square! We suggested a more intimate relationship with our readers, when we said “Let them eat cake. We shall have pie when they leave.”   They once had a creative challenge to come up with 100 anachronisms that the letters PIE could represent.
      People have sent me pictures of their travels that show they have found the pie. There have become pie disciples; there is a church of pie. There are pie makers, (some of my favorite people by the way) There are those that agree that pie is the perfect business model.
     My latest pie comments seem to fit a bit of a formula. I call them pie ponderings. Pie ponderings conclude with, “I shall have pie and ponder this.” ISHPAPT in text speak…ISHPAPT was used for the first time yesterday. People understood it! 
       Ah you ask but which pie is my favorite?  I love the one I’m with. ISHPAPT
Yes I'm still working on the fold formed tea pot.  I changed the handle, because I just didn't feel good about it. More tea pot process coming up in a couple of days. 


  1. Great post Brad! And I love the ISHPAPT...excellent! :)

    ~Kathleen Krucoff

  2. haha! so glad you *did* write about pie. and some background :) perfect!

  3. Now I can't get pie off my mind....mmmmm...

    Hey, Congratulations on retirement!