Monday, June 6, 2011

Tea Pot Parts

Most of the work on this Tea Pot last week was in this part.  
It server as the lid to the tea pot and the diffuser for the tea.


It begins as this small raising. View is from the bottom. The do-nut area will be drilled with many holes.
View from the interior. This will receive a  triangular lip and be hinged to it's cover. 
 That cover needed a knob. These are fold formed pieces that were either considered or were the inspiration for the knob.
This project is based on 12 some of these pieces are based on five
This one is based on works with this project.
 Top view diffuser in place.
 Side view pieces are just resting in place.
another view. At this point I'm beginning to consider possible contrasts in surface and color. There have become two interiors to consider.  Work this week will include getting rid of the wings on the body of the pot, some fabrication on the diffuser. Three large portions exist on paper, the carrying handle, the pouring handle and the spout. It is time for them to get into 3D   It's almost hammer time.
     It's also time this piece gets a name....or at least names begin to suggest themselves. Feel free to suggest one, if you like.   


  1. Wow! This is gorgeous! The form reminds me of a water feature, pouring down from the top, down across the surface of the lid, rippling over the edges and then down the sides of the body. :) Very cool.

  2. Heidi, Wow I hadn't thought of the form that way, it's interesting. I gain perspective by sharing the work. Thank you.

  3. My gosh this is gorgeous... Copper is my favorite metal, hands down, anyway... But this.. just so special..

  4. Thank you, There will be more pics coming as build of the piece continues. You just have to love copper. Most have the wings have been removed. ( the wings were those folds that stuck out from the body of the pot) not really removed but the forms changed to come back into the flow of things.

  5. Really cool. I shared this link on the FB page of the Chicago Metal Arts Guild.

  6. Elaine, Thank you..Always nice to be seen in the windy city.