Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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It’s once again time for a view of the greater Blog-o-sphere. The following have once again linked to each other and written on the same subject. This month topic is our favorite movie or book. I look forward to seeing what they’ve written about. Be sure to check them out.  Andes Cruz:
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Back in my gold and diamond days, also the days of my first computer, my monitor was as large as a small television. This monitor took up most of a built in desk, next to my jewelers benches. My computer connected me with a couple hundred other jewelers, gem stone and diamond dealers, and jewelry stores across the country and around the world. It was down right handy to roll my chair from my bench to the computer screen. There was a slight problem with the arrangement at first. The monitor was too low. I had to hunch over to read the monitor. The problem was solved by four important books. They became my monitor stand. These books were two issues of the Jewelers Circular Keystone Jeweler’s Directory, 1985 @1986 if I remember correctly. Each of these was about 1 ½  inches thick. It’s curious to note that my present computer does away with the need for thick jewelers directories. The top book in the pile was my copy of Roydale’s book on composting. This book forms the foundation of the organic gardening movement. I also have their book on mulching. The composting book is important to the pile because it added over two inches in height. The foundation of this pile was one of those very large, in a presentation box, family Bibles. It was a King James Version if I remember correctly. This great volume added a little over three inches to functional low tech approach to raising the monitor. It was good.
    I suspect that when this topic was proposed they had more of a book report in mind. I should be writing a “My favorite book” sort of article. I am. Well the functional monitor stand contained my favorite book. Even though my name would grace the pages of a couple of JCK directories they were never very useful other than raising my monitor. The Roydale books on the other hand would become responsible for my creating huge piles of organic manures, bushels of vegetables and wonderful flowers. You have no idea how close I’ve come to writing about the composting book. There’s a cynical side to me that cries for release. I’m sure no one would object, if I did. I’m also sure that my choice will offend some of my friends. That always confuses me. I don’t mean to offend.
    That great volume would, years later, be donated to a small church that needed a pulpit Bible. They enjoy having it. I found that one to be just a little big too big and difficult to read.  It’s thou’s and thee’s left me lost in some foreign language. I would prefer a NIV version of the same literary work. I should explain something. I had owned many copies of the book I like so many other people had never read it. I owned it but I did not possess it.  I’ve know people that have read it cover to cover. I find their endurance amazing I can’t imagine reading it from “In the beginning” to the final blessing, page after page. I do know that I have read it. In thousands of sittings, verse by verse, chapter by chapter with a marker in hand underlining things that struck me. Writing in the too small margins highlighting areas that bothered me, is my proof that I’ve visited the pages.  
      Don’t for one minute believe that I know all of the answers. I’m still working on asking some pretty good questions. I do have the basic story down, mostly..
      It’s not an ordinary book. If you have the desire to read it, I suggest you start with Matthew. Then read Mark, he’s sort of the cliff-notes of Matthew. Read it marker in hand.Discover over time you've marked up the whole book.
     Maybe the book gets a bad wrap because it’s often used to beat people up. That’s sad.It shouldn't be used that way..A better use than that is to prop up your monitor.
    Some words come to mind from the book, I'll have to paraphrase them. I' can't tell which verse or chapter to find them in, sorry. You'll get the picture. Imagine the calves being released from the barn yard into the new spring pasture. Imagine them kicking and dancing for joy in total celebration of the moment. Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy


  1. fantastic post Brad, as always - outside the box. I love it!

  2. Great post Brad.

    ~Kathleen Krucoff

  3. A really fun twist on the topic! Made me laugh. Thanks!

  4. I read Andes' comment first, then contemplated what your post may be about, then slept on it, then came back and read it! Wonderful. That book is definitely on my list of favorites.