Thursday, February 17, 2011


She’s a Wordsmith

She’s a wordsmith. Wordsmith?
Yup that’s what she be.
 She’s sittin” at a keyboard
bangin’ those keys.

Kinda like a blacksmith
Under his tree,
‘cept she’s forging words
to feed her family.

This ain’t no clickety clack,
on some railroad track.
She hammers on words,
till the meanings come back.

Sometimes the light might flicker.
In those times she just types quicker.
Her passion can’t be denied,
as she adds a little zing to a classified.

In the ho hum, humdrum
get some got sum,
she’s looking for truth
in all of the flotsam.

Finer words have never been heard
Spoken by the politician as he gave his word.
She just smiles, looks him in the eye
Knowing she’ll get to write his “survived by”

She’s a wordsmith
That’s what she be.
She’s hammerin’ out syllables
settin’ words free.  

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