Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well not much like the Iowa Christmases I remember. This is Florida after all. Mostly it's the calendar that's reminding me of the season. Once again I've left the making of the wife's present to the last possible days. Well not really I have done most of the form exploration all ready. It's that I didn't make up my mind what to make until
yesterday. I wasn't positive about it until this morning. The first two courses of raising are done on this piece. I type as I anneal, both the body and the metal that will become the spout. I've a general form in mind, Short and stout, some of the detail, here is the handle here is the spout. I think this teapot should have a lid. I'm not sure of a whistle, we'll see. For this piece I've produced a 16 gauge pure copper 7" disk.. The plan is to incorporate some fold forming into this raised form... Much more later.. Boy do I have some work to do! It'll be fun, a bit of whimsy, I say confidently as I head back to the stake.

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